Private Jets Aviation | Private jet cost in india


We are always available to you and also welcoming you with our good wishes. We will provide you with the private jet according to the demand. We still believe in flying in a smarter way.

Less activation time

We can provide you with the fastest passenger jets with a different model. You will forget about anything by seeing the fastest way to go and enjoy your complete journey.

Low cost guaranteed

We always see your comfort and affordability. Keeping in mind we still charge a minimum compared to others.

Round the clock support

if you have any query then you can call to our private jet our customer care will support you 24/7. On your demand, we are always available.


Private Jet Service

For providing you comfort we have a different type of private jet such as very light jets, light jets, mid-Size jets, Super Mid-Size Jets etc.

Charter Flights Service

To make your special holiday even more special we have come with a charter flight service. In this,you have liberty for choosing the aircraft.

Air charter Service

Keeping in mind your luxurious travel we have come with a new service called air charter service. This is ideal for both leisure traveling and corporate trips. We always offer you a hassle-free service.

Helicopter Service

Our helicopter has constructed solidly. This is made with hard plastic polymers which provides you with more safety. Through the helicopter, you can reach soon compare to another air service. Mostly in emergency case, it has border use. You can also select any size as per your convenience.

Air Ambulance

The main advantage of it is, it can fly to any place in the city. There will be no delay in it. Compare to the vehicle it will make you reach soon. It also has multiple features.

Air Cargo

You can always track this in a various way. But the easiest method is AWB or airway bill number. You can follow this in Word Wide Web site. You can be shipped your thing in a faster way because it provides global delivery service.

Our Success Reports

When we launched the Private Jets Aviation in 2007, we had onlyan entry-level jet. It had a fuselage which was a bit longer. It was one pilotwho flew it. Slowly, we grew by managing operating cost, employees, speed and much more.

Now, we are the leading private jet service. We have expert and well-educated employees to support us. Our dedicated aviation advisorsare supportive of 24/7.

Our world-class pilots will entertain you in every touch point in the entire trip. Your journey will be very flexible and hassle-free. For every plan, we have dynamic pricing and customize option.

Our charter is so comfortable that you will enjoy full center aisle, reclining seats, and an enclosed lavatory. Our passenger will enjoy their flights.

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